As a Delaware Beach Realtor, I am dedicated to providing friendly, professional, and educated service to each and every client. As a local property owner myself, I understand the value of neighborhood and community; one of my goals is to help you find the beach home that is right for you.

Our many vibrant, growing Delaware Beach communities offer a variety of neighborhood experiences and amenities. Many communities have HOA and/or condo fees. Some have lot rent or land rent. Fee structures and amenities vary; understanding what you get for your money is important. I am here to simplify and help you compare so that you can make an informed decision about your new beach adventure.

I have been a builder and real estate investor for most of my life. Whether you are looking for new construction or a charming older home, I can help you to decide which home is right for you.

Being an Eastern Shore native, trips to the beach were a highlight of my childhood. I often reminisce about these trips: the smell of the ocean, my excitement at the sight of beach toys at roadside stands, and the opportunity to indulge in ice cream, popcorn, and the syrup-filled wax bottles from the snack stand at Lewes Beach. I am here to help you and your loved ones make memories.